Parent Comment

Hi Melanie, Francesco and I wish to say to you and to all the staff a big “Thanks” for today: we have been impressed to see how much effort everyone put on the show. These kind of things are so precious for the children and for the parents too: beautiful memories! Libero is enthusiastic to come at the nursery: every time he can’t wait for it ! This evening, once at home, he told us: ” My teachers worked a lot , they should be tired, poor them..I do like them!”.

Please let all the girls know it!

Cheers, Fabiana & Co.

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1 Response to Parent Comment

  1. Thank you Fabiana for your kind words, we loved making the show and are glad you enjoyed it, Libero did a great job! Roll on next week for the Christmas party ☺
    Love from everyone at Clarence house

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