Food and Snack Policies

Clarence House Nursery is a health promoting establishment and there are several working policies in place to support this.

Children who stay all day are offered a hot meal at lunchtime and two snacks during the day.  The menu is pescatarian with protein being given in the form of soya etc

This is a selection of some of the meals supplied at nursery:

Home made soups          Macaroni Cheese       Veggie Sausage

Mince and Potatoes       Tuna Pasta        Fish Fingers     

Pasta Bolognaise            Veggie Chicken  

Choice of vegetables including peas/carrots/green beans/sweetcorn/broccoli/cauliflower/turnip/ accompany meals and children are offered water to drink with occasional fruit juice.

At snack time children are offered water and milk with their fruit.

The nursery follows the Smile Too program which supports the children with brushing their teeth after their meal at lunchtime.


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