Our Learning Environment

Clarence House provides a warm and loving learning environment for all children. Our learning ethos focuses on the needs of the “whole child” and we work hard to ensure that all learning needs are met and that all children are supported appropriately.

Staff set up the playrooms with careful consideration to children’s current needs and interests. They make sure that there are opportunities for children to lead their own learning and accept challenge from the adult when ready.

Clarence House uses the good location of the nursery to extend children’s learning in the wider community. We have frequent trips to local parks, libraries, museums, shops etc and we use our gardens in all types of weather!!
Welly boots and rain coats are supplied in nursery and the children who attend Clarence House are happy to play in the puddles and collect rain water!

Our most recent HMIE Report found the following key strengths:

  • Confident and friendly children who enjoy high quality experiences at the nursery and make good progress in their learning
  • Very effective use of the outdoors to enhance children’s learning experiences
  • Welcoming ethos and positive relationships with parents and the local community
  • The care provided for all children in a nurturing and welcoming environment

The full report can be found on the Education Scotland website.

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