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Clarence House Nursery

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  1. Georgina Gray (Jessie's Mum) says:

    Clarence House is such a happy, cosy little nursery with the loveliest staff. We have loved the emphasis on getting outside every day, come rain or shine; the wonderfully creative activities the staff come up with to help teach the little ones about the world, and the focus on learning through play and creativity. Above all, this is a very kind, nurturing little nursery where the staff really care and that’s evident in the smallest details (eg the changing window displays the children help to create, and the wee vases of flowers on the children’s lunch tables). Jessie has always skipped into nursery – a sign of how happy she’s been here – and has really thrived during her time at Clarence House. Thank you for everything!

  2. Fabiana, Libero and Aurora mum says:

    Clarence House Nursery is the place where both our children, Libero and Aurora, grew up from the first year of their lifes until the starting of the primary school. It’s not easy to say goodbye to all the great and kind ladies who took care of them throught the years, exactly through 6 years! Libero and Aurora both keep a lovely and missing memories of all the fun they had inside Nursery: the staff always organised every day different activities that the children loved! I can’t forget the very nice shows and Cafe’ during the Christmas time too! And also outside the Nursery: walks out by the river, explorations at the Meadow, happy trips to farms and lochs, funny experiences to see different kind of shows at theatre! I really think we could not find a better Nursery: a place where you feel like at home, where the staff is like a family and they always have a sweet word. A warm, cosy and happy place: that has been Clarence Nursery for us and I’m sure it will continue to be the same!
    Thank you all!
    Fabiana and Francesco, Libero and Aurora’s parents.

  3. Jen Hyland says:

    To all the amazing staff at Clarence House Nursery,
    Dylan attended Clarence House from the age of 2 until recently when he started school. We could not have wished for a more nurturing, kind and loving nursery. Dylan looked forward to going in to play with his friends, and some of these friendships will undoubtedly continue. We felt so happy as parents to know that our wee boy was so happy and well looked after. We watched him flourish and grow in confidence as he prepared for starting school.
    Thank you so much for giving him such a good start and helping him feel safe, happy and confident. He will miss you all very much and reminds me all the time that he wants to visit ‘the ladies’ soon 🥰
    Very best wishes

    Jen and Allan x

  4. surya senthilkumar says:

    We arrived from India to Scotland at the peak of the pandemic. We were worried about our daughter – Merusha’s schooling in the UK since English is not her first language and how she will cope with the new culture, people, food, and the challenging environment. However, from Day 1, the staff at Clarence house nursery are very supportive and have made her feel very welcome. To our amazement, our daughter settled into nursery so quickly. She enjoyed every minute of her time at the nursery. The staff, quality of education, and food are perfect. The atmosphere in the school is safe, we can leave our child without any fear. Her social, language and counting skills improved a lot because of the broad and varied activities provided in the nursery. She absolutely loved to go to nursery. A big thank you to all the nursery staff to make our nursery experience in Scotland memorable. Merusha will miss her little friends, lovable staff, and the management.

  5. Judith says:

    We just want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone at Clarence House for what has been such a brilliant year for Archie. I spent a long time looking for just the right nursery for him, then through a recommendation from a friend we found Clarence House and I am so glad that we did. He has had such an amazing year there and has been given the chance to grow and learn in such a warm and inviting environment. Every day is filled with new activities and adventures and it has been such a joy to hear him tell us all about it and the new friends he has made. We cannot thank everyone enough for making it all so much fun, especially through all the challenges everyone has had to face this year. Thank you, Judith (mother of Archie)

  6. MERVE & SINAN says:

    Our daughter (5 yo) was with another nursery before she started at Clarence House. There is a big difference. I did not know that there is such a good nursery in Glasgow until we met Clarence House staff and we saw the progress of our daughter. What makes the difference is that the staff goes the extra mile. They are so thoughtful, polite and most importantly kind to the children. They are always active and they always find ways to fill the day with fun activities, indoor or outdoor. I’m so glad my daughter had such experience before starting primary. We are grateful to the teachers, other staff and management. Thanks!

  7. Rachel & Stephen Allison says:

    This nursery is magical. All three of my kids attended from 16 weeks old to five years and they now they are happy, sociable, keen learners at school. The staff are absolutely fantastic and put the children first at all times. The magic ingredient is that they love the children and express that with cuddles and real connection. My youngest would often want to go in a Saturday too! I love the home cooked vegetarian meals too. I was always so impressed with the diverse range of fruit and veg they ate throughout the day. Much more so than at home. We are also still in touch with the kids and parents we met there – we’re connected through this wonderful place. It was necessary for me to work full time when they were little and it made that difficult aspect so much easier knowing how well looked after they would be. Five ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Love to all the staff xxx

    • Thank you both so much for your lovely comments. We have loved being a part of your family over the years and have such fond memories of all 3 of your beautiful babies! The nursery is just not the same without seeing your faces everyday but Jock still has a presence here in the office watching over us from his little baby sunshine! We miss you all lots and hope that you keep in touch. Love to all the Allisons from Clarence House x

  8. Jenny Gorevan says:

    Hello Shirley and the gang!
    I’m not sure how to put in to words just how grateful I am that we found Clarence House for Dylan and Ava!
    It’s such a wonderful unique little nursery that feels like a second family thanks to the fabulous staff, particularly Melanie, Louise and Jane and of course Shirley who have seen us through the last 5 years! Thanks to you, nursery was always a safe, happy, fun and stimulating place where my two wee people could be themselves and discover their confidence. You always made such an effort to ensure that their needs were recognised and met and their days were full of interest and fun. There was never a day in 5 years that either of them came home and said they had been bored (and Dylan is not one to hold his tongue on these matters)!
    I can’t quite believe that Ava’s had her last now, we’re all going to miss you loads, but will definitely be popping in for visits (as Ava keeps reminding me!!).

    • Hi
      Thank you for your lovely words. Comments like this are worth more than chocolates and flowers. We have loved having Dylan and Ava as part of our family here at Clarence House. Where did those years go? I will remember Dylan for having a stick insect on his nose and Ava for belting out the words of One Direction while on the mini bus!! Lovely memories for us all. Thank you for all your support of the nursery over the past 5 years.
      We can’t wait to see Ava in her school uniform next week. See you then….

  9. Yvonne Mcvicar says:

    A big thank you to all the staff but especially Shirley, Melanie and Louise! Dathan went off to school today as a confident and self assured boy (he was even first to line up next to his teacher). I feel you all had a huge part in this by encouraging his skills and individuality. The shy child I brought along 2 years ago has truly flourished at Clarence House. Also a special thank you for going the extra mile to cater for his vegan diet, I am still trying to make soup that Dathan agrees is as good as Jane’s. We will both miss you all but he leaves with so many happy memories of all the good friends, fun trips, science experiments and activities. Yvonne McVicar

  10. Christina Naula says:

    Hi Shirley and all the lovely ladies at Clarence House
    It has been a month since Alistair started school, time flies! He is enjoying school but really really misses his ladies and his friends. And I do, too. Without the loving care that Alistair enjoyed during his time at Clarence House I don’t think he would be doing so well at school now. Thank you for helping him to develop into a confident wee man.
    Christina xx

  11. Louise Fisher says:

    To all the ladies at Clarence house nursery
    Myself and Fraser can’t thank you enough for the last year and a half, the development in our little girl is truly amazing she loved going on trips and whenever she learned a new skill she would have to come and show off, she even got me into trouble as when she learned how to make a sandwich she wanted to be independent and make one in the house (with supervision) she decided to tell her grandparents I didn’t feed her as she had to make her own sandwich. When we first moved we took Lucy to visit several nurseries and Lucy picked Clarence house as she said it she knew she would love it there, plus it had a princess tower (home corner), and she was right Lucy was excited to leave the house to attend nursery not only to see her friends but to see the staff too. Lucy has said to tell you all that her favourite projects were space and the butterflies also that she loves you and will miss you all.

    • Hi Lucy (and Louise and Fraser)
      All the ladies were very happy when they read what you said. You were a shining star in the nursery and we miss our shining star. Thank you for being such a lovely girl and for helping to make Clarence House a happy place to play. We love you lots………
      Shirley Melanie Louise Jane Beth and Aileen XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  12. Sarah says:

    Hi Shirley. Leo loving the bear project and just watched animated version of we’re going on a bear hunt.on you tube.
    Sarah & Leo

  13. Anna Damer says:

    Our daughter Misty was born with a displaced hip and Shirley and her amazing staff team didn’t hesitate to take her on even though she was in cast for eight months and took up two seats in the buggy! Shirley was completely unfazed by this condition and went out of her way to accommodate her very specific needs, encouraging the staff to adapt equipment and practices for her. As result Misty has experienced everything that all the other children have and has shown absolutely no signs of being under confident either physically, intellectually or emotionally. I’m honestly not sure how we will ever be able to thank Shirley and her staff enough – not only for the love, care and support they have given her but the invaluable support that it has meant for us.
    Anna and Neil xxx

  14. Helen Newstead says:

    So impressed with your space project! Lucia came home yesterday and recited the names of all the planets. She even knew which one was the biggest! Amazing. She’s so excited by it all that she wants to bring in a book about the moon on Monday. Well done with that — the project has clearly captured her imagination.
    Helen x

  15. Anna Damer says:

    Misty has just moved downstairs with the big boys and girls and we all want to say a MASSIVE thanks to Angie, Louise, Jane and Melanie for all the ongoing support helping her settle in. We miss Aileen and all Misty’s friends up in the baby room though!!
    Anna and Neil

  16. Aileen Dunlop says:

    Hi everyone,
    Words can’t explain how important Clarence House was to us and our son Patrick. He was there from 11 months old until he left for school in August 2011 and it truly was a home from home for him. He flourished and with their support, developed into a confident and lovely wee boy (but then again, I would say that as being his mum!). Shirley is a fantastic hands on manager and she knows what an important role she played in his development (always be grateful Shirley, thanks). As a family we have fond memories of Clarence House and recommend it highly!
    Love to you all,
    Aileen and Stewart xxx

  17. My 3 children, Ellie, Nicolle and Zac attended Clarence House Nursery over a period of 9 years! My youngest, Zac, left in August 2012 and I can’t believe the nursery will no longer be part of our lives!! I can’t recommend the nursery highly enough. Shirley and the staff are fantastic and I truly believe that because my kids had such a great start in life in a safe and stimulating environment, they have developed into happy and confident children. The atmosphere in the nursery is so friendly and welcoming. The learning and play experiences for the kids are second to none and the addition of the mini bus is wonderful.

  18. Peter Fusco says:

    Well where can I even possibly start with the amount of good things I can say about Clarence House! Aoibhe attended the nursery for five wonderful years from summer 2007, her last day was yesterday 😦 We couldn’t have been more lucky to have found the most happy, safe and caring environment for our daughter. Aoibhe was always so content at the nursery and she is full of so much affection for all of the staff. The kids are kept entertained in so many different ways and the recent introduction of the minibus for trips is the most brilliant idea. Clarence House very much became Aoibhe’s second home! I haven’t got the words to thank you enough for all you have done for us. Peter x

  19. Clare Clacherty says:

    Calan has only been at Clarence House for 5 months but absolutely LOVES it. I have also been very impressed! The nursery has a lovely atmosphere. Shirley and her team find innovative ways to entertain and educate and there is always a project on the go with lots of feedback for mums and dads. The new mini bus is brilliant and Calan loves the trips.
    Clare x

  20. elaine mcnamee says:

    grace has been here since she was 10mnths,it is such a big part of our childrens lives,and so hard as a parent to leave your children in the hands of someone else when you return to work.grace has always been happy,and misses everyone when she’s not in.she loves all the staff and her friends.love the minibus,and great website shirley.well done guy’s.

  21. Brian & Nicola says:

    My girl Amie had her last day at nursery today 😦 was very emotional as we have watched her grow up there.. She started in the baby room when she was only 9 months old and 5 years later it’s safe to say she has Loved everyday spent here!! Again we would like to pass on our Thanks to Shirley and the staff as you have given Amie so many memories to go off to school with!!! Brian & Nicola xx

  22. Serena says:

    My daughter Tia-Louise has been a part of Clarence House Nursery from the age of 1 & now @ the age of 5 is more than ready to start her new adventure in Primary school. Tia-Louise started of in the baby room to then be moved downstairs. Tia-Louise has always been a confident little girl, even as a baby. She settled into nursery straight away & quickly developed a great relationship with Shirley & all of her other nursery teachers. I know Tia-Louise is more than ready for school, she has learned so much from being in nursery & I am extremely happy with Tia-Louise’s progress, her development & what she has acheived in nursery. Tia-Louise has made some great friends in nursery & will have some great childhood memories of them all to take with her as she continues her adventure through primary school. I would like to thank everyone @ Clarence House Nursery, especially Louise & Shirley for the past 4 years & for helping in Tia-Louise’s development & for all the fun times Tia-Louise has had in nursery. I am truly grateful to you both for everything & I know Tia-Louise is to. Thank you & we will miss you all very much, however we will stop by to visit you all now & again. Tia-Louise will always have lots to tell you, you know how much of a wee chatter box she is 🙂 Keep up the good work!
    Serena (mother of Tia-Louise 5yrs)

  23. sarahcjenkins says:

    P.S. Could you post a pic of the minibus now it has been beautified?

  24. sarahcjenkins says:

    I have finally worked out how to post a message on this blog! My son loves his days at Clarence House nursery. He has been attending since he was 7 months old. Love the new minibus and website Shirley. Keep up the good work.

  25. rachel says:

    My children have been part of this nursery for nearly 5 years now (2 children) and have experienced both the baby room and down stairs in the big room with the bigger children and I can say from the bottom of my heart its an amazing environment to be a child. The fun they have, the games they play, the things they learn and the friends they make – its wonderful. Thankyou Shirley and the team. Always Rachel Berry (mother of Emily 5 and Jessica 20months)

    • annefelice says:

      Hi Rachel – hi Shirley and the team!
      I would totally agree, my daughter Maria (provider of stick insects in the ‘Green beans with legs’ post) was at Clarence House from 10 months old and we recently visited the nursery with another “graduate”. It was great – and quite funny of course – to hear them (5 and 6 years old) reminiscing about their days there. They obviously have very happy memories.
      Anne (McNaught)

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