Meet The Team

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Top Row: Aileen Shirley Melanie Siobhan

Bottom Row: Rebecca Laura Katie


The staff team at Clarence House are hard working and fully committed to making the children’s time at nursery fun and stimulating. All staff hold relevant qualifications in childcare and have been through a careful vetting process that includes police checks.

Shirley, who is the owner of the business, is also the manager. She has a SNNEB qualification and also a Level 4 in Childcare and Education. She has over 30 years’ experience of working with children of all ages. Shirley is a “hands-on” manager and is frequently on the floor with the children.


Melanie is the nursery’s dedicated Eco Project Manager. She is also the Literacy champion and is responsible for developing Literacy within the nursery. Melanie is a movie geek who left her heart in San Fransisco when she did Camp America. She likes to plan all her holidays well in advance.

Aileen is an independent traveller who can give random facts about any given subject, she is affectionately known to her friends as “Google”. AILEEN IS ALSO THE NURSERY’S OFFICIAL STAFF NIGHT OUT ORGANIZER

Siobhan likes her new car and she is a fitness fanatic in her spare time. Siobhan is our champion for Health and Well Being within Clarence House.

Laura likes to step out and stay fit and she enjoys the challenge of reaching 10,000 steps per day. 

Katie who helps Siobhan with her wee group is our only musical member of staff. She plays guitar amongst other instruments. 

Rebecca supports Aileen in the baby room

All staff have been carefully selected and checked by Disclosure Scotland before being allowed unsupervised access to the children.

It is our policy to keep updating staff’s personal development files and encourage all staff to remain pro-active in planning for their own futures.

All staff have Emergency First Aid at Work or equivelant certificates, and these are renewed as soon as reasonably possible to the expiry date.

All staff have Food Safety Hygiene certificates and have completed training on Infection Control within a nursery setting.

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