Gone Fishin’

Gone Fishin'

This was our trip last Tuesday. We went to Balmaha for a picnic lunch and when we were in the Visitor Centre the lady gave us 3 fishing nets and collection trays, including reference sheets to use for matching and identification of species!! Very educational. We then went further up to Milarochy Bay and “fished” in the stream (photo). ~Sam was first to fall in ( we think accidentally on purpose), and then it was a free for all. The two pensioners sitting having a peaceful picnic were kept amused for ages!! Ahhh! childhood.

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1 Response to Gone Fishin’

  1. Fantastic! You’ve already had some great adventures on your minibus, but this is the best! I can see why you were looking for the nursery spare clothes to be returned!! It makes me smile to get the emails and see the photos of the trips (and slightly envious…) Alex is still excited about the minibus- it is definitely enriching the children’s nursery experience. Butterfly, snail and frog projects in the nursery setting are all great of course, but now the kids can go on proper ‘wild’ minibeast safaris and fishing expeditions!
    Thank-you again…
    Melanie (mum of Alex, age 3)

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